Thursday, February 27, 2014

2014 Race Schedule and Update!

As I sit here trying to survive another Iowa day with something like the 40th day of temperatures below zero I thought it would be a good idea to remind myself that my race season will be here before I know it, stay focused! 
First a quick update as I’ve got a lot of exciting things happening already this year and a lot to look forward to.  My recent move to Iowa has brought new opportunities and given myself a chance to refocus and work with some great people. Here are a few quick updates with more details to come in futures blogs.
SNAPPLE:  I’m very excited to be racing on the SnappIe Tri Team for the 3rd season, what a great group of athletes to be a part of, if I can keep pace with the guys and gals on this team, 2014 is going to be a great year!
LOCAL SPONSORS:  Anytime I can work with a local business I jump at the opportunity. There’s something about being able to walk into a local establishment and chat with owners, employees, and customers that really makes you feel like part of the community. I recently had the great pleasure of adding Free Flight Bike & Ski and Signature Health & Fitness to my list of sponsors and supporters.  I truly think these two businesses are the best in the area.  Brian at Free Flight has a staff that is very customer service oriented and they know how to wrench on bikes! Pat and Jill have welcomed me into the Signature Family and this beautiful gym has provided me with access to top notch equipment to help me get STRONG for the 2014 season. 
COACHING:  After a few years of self coaching I made the decision to work with a coach this year.  I wanted a fresh look at my training, someone to bounce ideas off of and really the ability to just focus on executing workouts and not sweating the details.  So after a lot of research, I’ve turned to the guys at QT2 and Coach John Spinney.  Being partnered with QT2 has not only provided me with a great coach but also given me access to a lot of outstanding resources including: camps, webinars, dieticians, sponsors, and many more.  I’m a month in today and things are really starting to hum along, I think time will show I’m very lucky to have QT2 in my corner!
LOCAL TRAINING:  Last, I’d like to give a quick shout out to a few of the local clubs that have helped given me motivation this winter.  The guys and gals at Driftless Dirt a local trail running club have been just awesome and got me OUTSIDE for some solid trail running this December and January.  The Dubuque Area Triathlon Club has really started to wet my appetite for training and racing this spring and it looks like I’m going to have a lot great training partners to keep me motivated this Spring and Summer.  Both have Facebook pages make sure to look them up if you’re getting ready for an upcoming triathlon or running race, you’ll have great people to train with.
RACE SCHEDULE:  Okay, here is the tentative race schedule.  I’m really focusing in on the 70.3 distance this year.  I made great gains on the 70.3 Pro circuit last year and am hoping to capitalize on that experience this year.  I’ll most likely be adding a few local races for fun as things progress this season.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Big Move!

As the headline suggest I recently went through a move and unfortunately I'm not talking about a "big move" to the top of the 70.3 Pro rankings :) but fortunately I am talking about a move closer to family!  This last week Erin and I packed everything we owned in a Penske truck and made a 20 hour drive north to Dubuque, Iowa.  So in the spirit of change I thought I'd do a couple Top Ten lists.  The Top Ten things I'll miss about San Antonio (with pictures) and the Top Ten things I'm looking forward to in Dubuque, listed in no particular order :)


1) Warpathers: This winter a group of friends got together to help motivate each other to train for upcoming spring races.  The results were some of the best winter/spring training I've had with just aweome people!  Thanks Warpathers (Sean, Melissa, Brian, Katie, Robbie, Carlos, Apryl, Ron, Tiffany, Mark, Jess, Chris, Lorena,  you will be missed!

Katie, Brian, and Apryl representing the Warpathers at IM Texas

Carlos, Sean, and Melissa tearing it up at a local Jack and Adams Race

Several Warpathers joined Masters to work on our swim, Thanks Coach Susan and MOST swimmers!

2) Winter Biking:  San Antonio has got to be one of the best places for winter riding in North America.  The weather is just great.  I'm already planning this winter's training camp. 

Mid Ride at a hill Country Overlook
Winter Coffee Rides!

3) Mexican Food: By far the best I've ever had!
Feasting at Costa Pacifica!

4) Hollywood Park:  A super neighborhood to live in filled with great: running, riding, homes, landscaping, wildlife, and neighbors (Neal and Shirley, Mike and Grace, you will be missed!)
Entrance to Hollywood Park

5) Music: It amazes me that you can go to one of the several Dance Halls in the area and see big name country artists almost any night of the week.

Gary Allen live at John T. Floore Country Store

6) The People:   One of San Antonio's best features is the great people. I've made several life long friends and they will all be missed!
Celebrating Erin's Birthday withfriends!

7) Ammenities:  Shopping, Food, History, Music, Entertainment; you name it San Antonio has it!

8) Races:   A race every weekend with great race venues.  I earned my Pro Card while racing in Texas!
Collecting a check for the win at Houston Tri and the overall TX3 Series win!
 9) Diversity:  San Antonio is really a melting pot of different cultures with strong Spanish, Mexican and German heritage. Today people from all over the world with very different backgrounds call San Antonio their home!

Two of my closest SA friends. Carlos from Mexico and Robbie from Ireland

10)  Our Home: Erin and I bought our first house in San Antonio.  It was just perfect for us and will be tough to replace.

Front of our house this spring.

lots of fun to come!

A picture of the Mississippi River from Dubuque.

1) Family:  It is going to be great to be so close to our family!

2) Cycling:  The bluffs around the Mississippi are just amazing to bike on, plenty of hills!

3) Camping:  We love camping and there is a plethora of camp sites in the tri-state area.

4) Skiing:  We've missed being able to cross country ski throughout the winter and it looks like Dubuque has some great Cross Country skiing and even some downhill.

5) Racing:  A myriad of great triathlon racing throughout the tri state area!

6) Traffic: There is none!

7) Views:  The scenery is just breathtaking!

8) Sweet Corn:  Just had some last night, nothing beats Iowa sweet corn!

9) Change:  We are looking forward to the excitement of being in a new place and meeting new people!

10) The Seasons:  Iowa scenery changes so much throughout the year.  Looking forward to Fall leaves, Winter snow, Spring plantings, and the green Summer!

So for now it is so long San Antonio thanks for all you have given the Andersons and a hello to Dubuque we are looking forward to new adventures!